Womens Genuine Soft Lambskin Adjustable Steampunk Sexy overbust Corset CINCHER


Lambskin corset with rivets. The ultimate highlight for all leather friends and Gothic fans. Irresistibly elegant lingerie made from real, soft Nappa leather.
The corset has built-in stainless steel forming rods and 1 lacing in the back for a skin-tight and figure-shaping fit. The corset is suitable for waist reduction and can be laced. With it, you can lace a super waist.
On the front, there is a silver-colored zipper and buckles which make this real leather corset so special.
This is really an extravagantly beautiful overbust corset that guarantees true leather lust.

NOTE: The neck corset and cuffs are not included.

SIZING: Please measure yourself accurately before purchase and order your ACTUAL waist size. Remember that Corsets are designed to be cinched so your corset will be made 4" smaller

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