Mens Underwear Genuine Real Leather Jockstraps Cod Piece Thong Jock Studded with Rings


a) Cod-piece base: upholstery grade leather
b) Cod-piece pouch: garment grade leather
c) harness ring and sheath: 3-lay garment leather
d) Lining: garment grade leather

Waist Size (refer to size chart below)
a) Standard: XS(27") - XXL(37"), can be stretched for additional 3-4"
b) Your own size: select 'Request Your Size' and email yours to us
For a perfect fit, please measure your waist at 4 inches below your navel. Never trust your jeans or pants size!!! If your size is between the two and you prefer a snug fit, choose a smaller size.

Pouch Depth
Standard: 3.25" (3.25"x2). If you need extra room (<=4"), please email us. No charge.

Ring size
Standard: 4.25" and 4.75" circumference. If you need different sizes, please email us. No charge.

Thong or Jock Size Chart
Size        Your waist   
XS(28")    28"-30"  
S(30")      30"-32" 
M(32")      32"-34" 
L (34")      34"-36"
XL(36")     36 - 38"
2XL(38")   38"-40"   
Your waist/pouch sizes
No item description on the shipping label for protect your privacy. Buyers are  responsible for correct shipping address.
Return Policy
Since this is a personal item, return is not accepted.

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